Saving Customers With Intention To Retention

Saving Customers With Intention To Retention

A business’s intention is to sell their products or services to a customer. After the sale has been made, it is important for that business to focus on retention, which is the active pursuing of keeping customers engaged in the business instead of looking elsewhere. Customer retention is the key to a successful business, but can be very tricky to obtain.

How do you know why customers sought out your competitor instead of you?

Is there something hiding in the many different avenues of your company that may be turning customers away without you even knowing it? 

Where would you go to find this information and ensure your company is operating at its best? 

Listen to this short video that clearly explains how customer satisfaction can be corrupted and lead to a loss in retention. Even if your customer has the best intentions, this video will unveil the many different ways customer retention can be corrupted.

What do you think? Does this video remind you of a time you worked with a company that did not meet your standards of service? Maybe your own business is struggling with keeping customers for more than one service, do you think Cliintel would improve your customer satisfaction?

Let us know! Check out Cliintel for a consultation to take your business to the next level.


Big Data And Online Grocery Shopping

Big Data And Online Grocery Shopping

Most Americans live at a very busy pace, constantly rushing from one thing to another. This sense of urgency to do everything and be every where at once doesn’t leave much time for things like groceries. The online groceries business is one that is growing rapidly in the United States. It is extremely convenient for many busy families and working moms and dads to simply pick out what they would like online and have it delivered to their home the following day.

Big Data analytics is allowing companies to learn their customer’s habits and preferences to ensure the smoothest, easiest process possible. As consumers browse groceries on the website of the store of their choice, their activity is being monitored; allowing companies to learn about their consumer’s habits. What do they normally buy? At what time do they prefer their groceries be delivered? Are they flexible on their time of delivery or do they want it on  a specific time?

These are all things food providers can learn about each unique customer and accommodate to individual needs. The more convenient an action is, the more likely people will use it, build up a preferred company and continue to use them for years to come. Big Data helps companies become a trusted resource for people, ensuring customer retention.

Big Data Improving Customer Service

Big Data Improving Customer Service

Trying to operate in today’s world without utilizing optimization tools such as Big Data is like trying to drive a car with a flat tire. Although Big Data is not the answer to all of life’s problems, it is an incredible resource used to enable companies to perform with the utmost efficiency. 

Zendesk, a software company that controls customer service calls and websites has learned how to utilize big data to perform where human intuition lacks. Customer service calls are usually unpleasant, for both the customer and the service specialist. Often times customers become very upset with the service specialist ( even though the service specialist usually has no control over the issue) leading the service specialist to drown out the yelling. The other  issue is that not all angry customers yell, some can be very call and then turn around and write a horrible review about the company’s service.

With Social Media’s strong influence, a few negative tweets or posts can be devastating to a company’s reputation.

Zendesk’s hope is that their Big Data software will be able to pick out trigger words that have often been correlated with “dangerous” customers. If service specialists are given this information about unusually angry customer, they can make that customer a priority and hopefully solve any issues.

Some may think that it is a bit excessive to use a computer to determine if someone is upset, but sometimes emotions can be lost in translation. Customer service is not something that a machine can do , but when a customer service specialists uses Big Data as a tool for catching an emotions they may have missed, there is a good chance we can make the customer service experience much more enjoyable.

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