Big Data Making Life Easier

Big Data Making Life Easier

Even though certain tough situations play a big role in making us stronger individuals, people generally want things to be easy. Simple is good. That is why we are always trying to come up with new processes and devices to make everything we do easier. Big Data is a great way to make things less complicated and frustrating.

It can become  very difficult for companies to try to get inside the heads of their customers. Without any feedback companies have no clue what the public thinks about their service or product. The only telling sign is how many sales or deals are being made, but this is not a very reliable form of evaluation. There are many other key factors that can play in the decrease of business. It may be a marketing deficiency or maybe even location. There could be a horrible review out there that you don’t know about or your customer service is bad. Big Data can seek out these issues and determine which one is the root cause for the lack of success.

With Big Data analytics and a savvy tech team, businesses no longer have to waste their time making and sending out surveys that people will more than likely use to make a cozy fire. Big Data analytics can quickly survey large sums of information and piece together the important connections that lead to hidden insights about what it takes to ensure customer retention. The best part about it is that Big Data is customize-able and can be used in almost any business setting.

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Can Companies Succeed In The Future Without Big Data?

Can Companies Succeed In The Future Without Big Data?

Some companies still believe Big Data to be a Big hype, but Big Data has proven itself an extremely valuable tool in even the most diverse industries. With how much data is produced on a daily basis, Big Data can be utilized in almost every realm. Because of its versatility Big Data should be used in some degree in every business. Why you ask? Big Data takes complicated information and simplifies it. This not only saves employees valuable time and decreases stress, but it also makes the company more money by allowing the employees to produce more efficiently. If this sounds like something you could benefit from check out this video! You have to start somewhere and it might as well be informing yourself with this delightful video on how to get Big Data in your company and get on the road to success!

Why Big Data?

Why Big Data?

Even the most successful CEO out there is still human. No one person is perfect, we all display human characteristics and flaws. It is because of this that science uses objective data in their tests, because subjective allows for personal opinions. Objective data is the only information that is 100% unbiased truth. So how do businesses get this type of objective data?

By Using Big Data.

Companies that use Big Data allow themselves to see the hard truths about their company that they themselves would overlook. When we put hard work into something, we don’t want to see anything wrong with it which makes it hard for us to see when there are issues. Big Data is the fresh set of eyes that can examine all of the nook and crannies of your business to inspect the problem areas we would not catch on our own.

The other great think about Big Data is that it is cross cultural. Instead of trying to convince a company in China that you are successful by talking with them, it is much more impressive to simply show them the data. Put your entire operation into data form and it can be read across any language. Measuring success with data is a great way to standardize the definition of what it means to be successful.

Big Data has proven time and time again to be a necessary tool in the business world. So what are you waiting for? Go out and get started with Big Data!

Big Data And Online Grocery Shopping

Big Data And Online Grocery Shopping

Most Americans live at a very busy pace, constantly rushing from one thing to another. This sense of urgency to do everything and be every where at once doesn’t leave much time for things like groceries. The online groceries business is one that is growing rapidly in the United States. It is extremely convenient for many busy families and working moms and dads to simply pick out what they would like online and have it delivered to their home the following day.

Big Data analytics is allowing companies to learn their customer’s habits and preferences to ensure the smoothest, easiest process possible. As consumers browse groceries on the website of the store of their choice, their activity is being monitored; allowing companies to learn about their consumer’s habits. What do they normally buy? At what time do they prefer their groceries be delivered? Are they flexible on their time of delivery or do they want it on  a specific time?

These are all things food providers can learn about each unique customer and accommodate to individual needs. The more convenient an action is, the more likely people will use it, build up a preferred company and continue to use them for years to come. Big Data helps companies become a trusted resource for people, ensuring customer retention.

Are You Letting Your Data Lead?

Are You Letting Your Data Lead?

Big Data has become very popular and therefore is being made into a “hype”. The Big Data hype gives the impression that Big Data is a magical tool that can be implemented into any company and voila!- instant solutions to all problems. Society has started to place unrealistic expectations on Big Data and the results it can produce.

It is human nature to project our interests onto others. Like the football dad who never made it to the big leagues, companies also place their desires into their data. This is why studies and surveys are supposed to be objective, because as soon as someone biases the data, the results are compromised. Big Data takes a long time to be analyzed properly to find relationships that can be translated into valuable information. When companies jump at the first correlation because it is in line with their desired result is when Big Data becomes biased.

It is extremely important to ensure your data is clean, or else it is going to lead to a lot of wasted money. Companies buy into the Big Data hype, purchase expensive big data technologies and hope that it is going to magically reaffirm all of their dreams and provide a golden staircase to them. This is not how it works.

Big Data is essentially a lot of information. When looking at a lot of information you cannot form a conclusion by simply looking at a portion of it. You must consider every piece of information and how it fits together. This is where Data science comes in. Many are moving away from the term “Big Data” because of the hype surrounding it and are embracing data science. Data science speaks more to the volume of analytical scrutiny big data must go through to provide any useful and unbiased results. 

This is why we have data scientists, they are the geniuses who can look through mass amounts of data and find correlations without biasing them. If a company is going to spend the money on implementing big data they must also hire data scientists if they hope to profit from their investment.

The take home point to this would be that companies must allow the data to create new ideas and not try to drive the data with their own thinking.

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