Big Data Daily – Data in Business – Europe Refusing Big Data – Big Data in Cancer Research

Big Data Daily – Data in Business – Europe Refusing Big Data – Big Data in Cancer Research

Big Data Daily Where Is Big Data In Every Day Life?

We all hear about Big Data and how it is changing industries and allowing companies like Target to stalk their customers, but do we interact with Big Data in our everyday routines?



Europe Big Data Will Europeans Get Left In The Dust Because They Refuse Big Data?

It is no secret that Europeans have been extremely reluctant to jump on the Big Data train. As Americans continue to indulge in Big Data and incorporate it into their businesses, we must wonder, what will happen to Europe? Will European companies fall behind without the technology to even the playing field?



Big Data Social Media and Business Utilizing Data in Business

Despite what industry you are in, you can use data to achieve a wide variety of goals. It doesn’t matter if you are a big, or small business. Simply put, data analysis converts raw data into the accurate and up-to-date information you need to know what’s going on in every facet of your company.



big data Big Data In Cancer Research

Cancer is a horrible illness that has been nearly impossible to figure out. Scientists have had a difficult time finding a cure for cancer because no two cases of cancer are the same. Everyone’s bodies are different and therefore, those who develop cancer do not have identical cancer cells.



You Don’t Need To Be A Big Company To Utilize Big Data

You Don’t Need To Be A Big Company To Utilize Big Data

There are many small businesses out there who may feel that they are being left in the dust by all of these huge corporations using Big Data to get the upper hand. This does not need to be the case. Small companies can use Big Data even if they themselves are not generating it. There is so much data produced by consumers every day that is just sitting there waiting for the taking. Where would you find these reservoirs of data sets?

There is a huge pool of them out there, but here are just a few of the resources that could be tapped into to receive valuable data to benefit your business.

Google Finance offers a wide range of financial data on the stock market 

 BROAD Institute offers data sets relating to cancer

 Amazon Web Services allows access to a variety of different data 

Topsy is a great resource for social media data 

To see a more comprehensive list of the data sets available to the public click here.

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Save The Children!

Save The Children!

I recently heard on the radio that parents are now using “Elf on the shelf” to make their kids behave better. Elf on the shelf is a fun little game families have begun playing where they place a little elf doll in different places of the house every night- giving kids the illusion that elf is real. Parents are beginning to take this sweet holiday tradition and use it to make their children believe that Elf is always watching.

Parents have always used little tactics to help control their kids, like Santa Clause knowing if you are naughty or nice, we simply need a little white lie every now and then to help us out.

Is this now being taken too far? How do we know when we have crossed the line?

Mattel has just introduced it’s latest Barbie doll and not only is it highly fashionable, but she can actually talk. Yes, that is right, your child can now play with a Barbie doll who can hold full conversations with them as well as remember your child’s key interests. When the new Barbie hears your child speak, she sends the data to a computer that records the message, and then relays the correct response back to Barbie.

In theory this may seem like another Big Data success; woohoo! a toy that can finally act as a play buddy for my child! Not so fast, everything your child says to Barbie gets recorded and stored by Mattel. This means that not only do the people working at Mattel have direct access to speak to your child at any time, in the safety of your home, but they also will use everything your child says for research.

Personally, I think this is one of the creepiest ways to use Big Data. The new talking Barbie is more invasive than any of the tracking companies do on the internet. So if you are thinking about getting your little one a talking Barbie this Christmas, think twice, or you may be putting your child in a potentially manipulative situation.

Want To Lower Your Energy Bill?

Want To Lower Your Energy Bill?

Everyone wants to save money. I have never heard someone say they would like to pay more for something. What is one great way to save money? Lowering your energy bill of course. Everyone has got one- wouldn’t it be nice to have a lower  energy bill and use your extra money on things you actually want to pay for? Better yet, wouldn’t it be awesome to save money on your energy bill AND help save the planet?! You would feel like a great person- a great person with a little extra dough in your pocket.

How can you feel this great?


Big what? How does that work?

By using big data devices to monitor your energy and also receive stats on your energy usage

you can see where you can use less and conserve more! 

We all like to think that we are doing all we can to help conserve energy and save the planet, but there is a lot of wasted energy we do not see. Through the use of Big Data analytics, energy companies can receive information on the amount of energy each household is using and send the consumer a usage report.  This report can highlight wasted energy and inform the consumer of better ways to conserve their energy. By informing the consumer of their wasted energy, they will be able to adapt their habits to reduce their energy use and also save some money on their bill.

Another way to reduce unnecessary energy use in the household is to install a thermostat that is connected to the internet such as the Nest. Nest is a “smart” thermostat that learns the habits of the household and adjusts the temperature to ensure optimal efficiency. For example, a family may like their house to be sixty-five degrees in the summer while they are home, but when everyone leaves for work and school for the day, does the air conditioning need to keep the house at sixty-five degrees? No, unless you think your couch will get too warm without it. This is where Nest would turn off the air conditioning for the day, saving energy and money, and then return the house to your preferred temperature shortly before you return home.

These big data devices like Nest are a great way to ensure you are conserving energy without having to do the work yourself. I’m sure it also does a great deal to lower your bills as well, only using energy sucking devices when they are most needed. America has a long ways to go and much to change before being recognized as an energy efficient country, but these are some simple changes the energy companies and average families can do to help the cause!

Big Data for Buildings

Big Data for Buildings

Is Big Data for Energy a Reality?

Ecova is buying Retroficiency. Ecova specializes in software and services to help large companies save energy or to help utilities launch programs that will help their customers reduce energy.

Ecova Buys Retroficiency: Is Big Data for Buildings Finally Taking Off?


Calling All Building Owners – Crunching Big Data Can Save Energy

Researchers tell us that, in the United States, 20 to 30 per cent of a building’s annual energy bill is wasted.

Building operators walk a thin line. Operating a building requires that a perfect balance be struck between heating, cooling and ventilation. It also requires repair and maintenance of all the equipment and systems that allow that delicate equilibrium to exist.



New Data Sensors Saving Millions

Duke Energy says new sensors and ‘big data’ save millions in plant repairs.

And it allows Duke to use data analytics for everything from scheduling routine maintenance — learning how to read actual wear and tear on equipment instead of relying on rough operational hour estimates for needed work — to anticipating problems rather than reacting to them.



Using Cheaper Batteries for the Power Grid and Buildings

Utilities can use batteries to make the grid more stable, and to avoid building new expensive and dirty power plants that they only operate during times of peak power demand.

Building owners are also interested in buying batteries so that they can run buildings off of battery power when electricity rates from the power grid are high. Building owners can lower their monthly energy bills by switching onto battery power periodically.

Tesla batteries to power office buildings in California



Use Big Data to make information transparent.There is still a significant amount of information that is not yet captured in digital form

As organizations create and store more transactional data in digital form,they collect more accurate and detailed performance information on everything.

How can you leverage Big Data?


How to Leverage Big Data

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