Does Your Business Need A Change?

Does Your Business Need A Change?

Does change scare you a little? That’s okay, it can be frightening to everyone, but it can also be the best thing you ever do. Change is the only way to move from your current state into something better! You never know where life will take you until you make the effort to change. Check out this insightful new book on the positive effects of change and how change could lead you to be the next success. Be the first of your company to break out and change!

The most successful companies and people out there are not the stubborn ones who stick to their set ways, it is the people and businesses that know how to adapt to change. Welcoming change is the best way to spin whatever comes at you in your favor, but if you resist change it will swallow you whole. This book by Richard Batenburg Jr., a man with over 25 years of experience and success in being an entrepreneur and business owner, is written with the wisdom of someone who has seen it all. Batenburg has years of experience consulting other CEO’s on how to reevaluate their company and run a more efficient operation.

If you fell that your professional life is getting stale, this book is a must read! The experience and advice within this book is just what you need to take a fresh look at your organization and begin to see how you can change your business and yourself for the better! Simply click on the link below, enter your email address and this Ebook will be sent to you FREE! No strings attached, you can really gain valuable insights on how to be the first to change your organization free of charge!

Change Is Great, Be First! 

Big Data One Step Closer To Getting Even Bigger

Big Data One Step Closer To Getting Even Bigger

Big Data has gained its name from the impact that large amount of data sets have and the insights they hold, but there are even bigger big data out there that we have been unable to tap into. There is an unbelievable amount of data produced daily and only continues to grow with the development of new technology.

Researchers at MIT have recently developed an algorithm that has the potential to analyze data sets that are so large, we do not currently have the equipment necessary to tackle them. The idea behind the algorithms is geometry and the use of topography to pick out basic features that are universal to any data set, no matter the size.

With this sort of topological approach, researchers can tap into the large, scary, interconnected data and pull out connections that are characteristic of all data. The issue now is that there is not a machine that can compute this information fast enough for it to be at all functional, but there are talks of one being developed soon.

Once the quantum mechanics is developed and can be paired with this topological approach, we will be able to understand connections like never before like global connections in the internet and even pathways of the human brain.

To learn more about how big data is discovering the secrets of the human brain check out this intriguing article!

Could Big Data Help Insurance Agencies Actually Be A Good Neighbor?

Could Big Data Help Insurance Agencies Actually Be A Good Neighbor?

State Farm has a catchy little phrase that says, ” Like a good neighbor state farm is there”, but are insurance companies really good neighbors? Many may say no because insurance companies are based on making money off of the safe people they insure. The people who best practice safety are the ones who should be rewarded!

Now that insurance companies are using more technology to watch over their clients, they can better predict who their safest customers are and who may pose a risk of costing them money. This issue with this is that being “big brother” gives insurance companies the ability to raise people’s rates just because the insurance company sees that person as a liability.

What if insurance agencies used technology and more specifically, Big Data, for good? Imagine if insurance companies analyzed their data to determine which customers were more likely at risk of experiencing frozen pipes or a house fire and then alerted these individuals of their higher level of risk. Insurance agencies could easily use Big Data to help educate people on how to live more safely to prevent the many different disasters that no one thinks will ever happen to them.


To learn how else Big Data is making industries better, check out this awesome article!

Big Data Makes Big Profits For Casinos

Big Data Makes Big Profits For Casinos

I recently took a trip to the infamous Las Vegas and as I walked through the rows of flashing lights and sounds of slot machines I couldn’t help but think about the amount of data each casino must produce. In Vegas especially, casinos are packed full of slot machines seducing people to come test their luck and their money. With so many different machines to choose from, how do casinos know which slots to fill their floors with?

All of the slot machines are equipped with the bells and whistles of flashing lights and catchy tunes, so there must be some sort of sensory appeal that draws a person to one specific slot machine and not another. This is where Big Data comes in. Casinos can track which machines are more popular than others. The data can also determine if the slot machine remains popular even when people are losing money on it.

If people are losing money while playing on a slot machine and they continue to sit there, it must be a really great game. Well, what constitutes a great game? For some people it is the machines that have a fun theme, like a favorite movie or television show and for other people it is the quiet, straight forward keno games. Big Data can show casinos which machines are more appealing and even give them an idea of where to strategically place certain games to attract the most players. The more attractive a casino’s games are, the more money they will make, which is a part of why Big Data is heavily used in Las Vegas.

As for me I like the machines with interactive bonuses and games, but because of Big Data I’m sure the casinos already know this about me!

Saving Customers With Intention To Retention

Saving Customers With Intention To Retention

A business’s intention is to sell their products or services to a customer. After the sale has been made, it is important for that business to focus on retention, which is the active pursuing of keeping customers engaged in the business instead of looking elsewhere. Customer retention is the key to a successful business, but can be very tricky to obtain.

How do you know why customers sought out your competitor instead of you?

Is there something hiding in the many different avenues of your company that may be turning customers away without you even knowing it? 

Where would you go to find this information and ensure your company is operating at its best? 

Listen to this short video that clearly explains how customer satisfaction can be corrupted and lead to a loss in retention. Even if your customer has the best intentions, this video will unveil the many different ways customer retention can be corrupted.

What do you think? Does this video remind you of a time you worked with a company that did not meet your standards of service? Maybe your own business is struggling with keeping customers for more than one service, do you think Cliintel would improve your customer satisfaction?

Let us know! Check out Cliintel for a consultation to take your business to the next level.


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