Big Data Making Life Easier

Big Data Making Life Easier

Even though certain tough situations play a big role in making us stronger individuals, people generally want things to be easy. Simple is good. That is why we are always trying to come up with new processes and devices to make everything we do easier. Big Data is a great way to make things less complicated and frustrating.

It can become  very difficult for companies to try to get inside the heads of their customers. Without any feedback companies have no clue what the public thinks about their service or product. The only telling sign is how many sales or deals are being made, but this is not a very reliable form of evaluation. There are many other key factors that can play in the decrease of business. It may be a marketing deficiency or maybe even location. There could be a horrible review out there that you don’t know about or your customer service is bad. Big Data can seek out these issues and determine which one is the root cause for the lack of success.

With Big Data analytics and a savvy tech team, businesses no longer have to waste their time making and sending out surveys that people will more than likely use to make a cozy fire. Big Data analytics can quickly survey large sums of information and piece together the important connections that lead to hidden insights about what it takes to ensure customer retention. The best part about it is that Big Data is customize-able and can be used in almost any business setting.

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Could Big Data Help Insurance Agencies Actually Be A Good Neighbor?

Could Big Data Help Insurance Agencies Actually Be A Good Neighbor?

State Farm has a catchy little phrase that says, ” Like a good neighbor state farm is there”, but are insurance companies really good neighbors? Many may say no because insurance companies are based on making money off of the safe people they insure. The people who best practice safety are the ones who should be rewarded!

Now that insurance companies are using more technology to watch over their clients, they can better predict who their safest customers are and who may pose a risk of costing them money. This issue with this is that being “big brother” gives insurance companies the ability to raise people’s rates just because the insurance company sees that person as a liability.

What if insurance agencies used technology and more specifically, Big Data, for good? Imagine if insurance companies analyzed their data to determine which customers were more likely at risk of experiencing frozen pipes or a house fire and then alerted these individuals of their higher level of risk. Insurance agencies could easily use Big Data to help educate people on how to live more safely to prevent the many different disasters that no one thinks will ever happen to them.


To learn how else Big Data is making industries better, check out this awesome article!

Big Data Makes Big Profits For Casinos

Big Data Makes Big Profits For Casinos

I recently took a trip to the infamous Las Vegas and as I walked through the rows of flashing lights and sounds of slot machines I couldn’t help but think about the amount of data each casino must produce. In Vegas especially, casinos are packed full of slot machines seducing people to come test their luck and their money. With so many different machines to choose from, how do casinos know which slots to fill their floors with?

All of the slot machines are equipped with the bells and whistles of flashing lights and catchy tunes, so there must be some sort of sensory appeal that draws a person to one specific slot machine and not another. This is where Big Data comes in. Casinos can track which machines are more popular than others. The data can also determine if the slot machine remains popular even when people are losing money on it.

If people are losing money while playing on a slot machine and they continue to sit there, it must be a really great game. Well, what constitutes a great game? For some people it is the machines that have a fun theme, like a favorite movie or television show and for other people it is the quiet, straight forward keno games. Big Data can show casinos which machines are more appealing and even give them an idea of where to strategically place certain games to attract the most players. The more attractive a casino’s games are, the more money they will make, which is a part of why Big Data is heavily used in Las Vegas.

As for me I like the machines with interactive bonuses and games, but because of Big Data I’m sure the casinos already know this about me!

Saving Customers With Intention To Retention

Saving Customers With Intention To Retention

A business’s intention is to sell their products or services to a customer. After the sale has been made, it is important for that business to focus on retention, which is the active pursuing of keeping customers engaged in the business instead of looking elsewhere. Customer retention is the key to a successful business, but can be very tricky to obtain.

How do you know why customers sought out your competitor instead of you?

Is there something hiding in the many different avenues of your company that may be turning customers away without you even knowing it? 

Where would you go to find this information and ensure your company is operating at its best? 

Listen to this short video that clearly explains how customer satisfaction can be corrupted and lead to a loss in retention. Even if your customer has the best intentions, this video will unveil the many different ways customer retention can be corrupted.

What do you think? Does this video remind you of a time you worked with a company that did not meet your standards of service? Maybe your own business is struggling with keeping customers for more than one service, do you think Cliintel would improve your customer satisfaction?

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Toyota Is Driving In Efforts For Connected Cars

Toyota Is Driving In Efforts For Connected Cars

The connected car is a symbol of the future, a car that can drive itself, speak to its driver or even prevent accidents. This is what we picture when we look towards cars of the next generation. This process has been in motion for many years including GM’s OnStar devices in their models that can call for help when a vehicle has been in an accident. Even though this technology has been around for over twenty years there is suddenly a push for a more sophisticated vehicle.

Ever since the emergence of the Internet of Things, machines we use on a daily basis are getting a face lift. Ever major technology company is racing to produce devices that will be used in what is called the “connected home”. The idea is that the technology we use will  be able to communicate to one another, making our lives easier. Cars are a big part of this vision because the majority of the population uses them everyday. With the IoT vision, we will one day have cars that will be automatically started and warmed to our preferred temperature and will chauffeur us to our destination. 

Toyota has announced that they are beginning to equip their vehicles with Data Communication Modules that will allow the car to send and receive data with the Toyota Big Data Center. With this technology, cars will be able to automatically send a distress call to emergency respondents with the vehicle’s location as soon as the airbag is deployed. This will allow victims of an accident to receive medical attention more quickly and hopefully prevent unknown accidents that often leave people stranded.

As Toyota and Ford begin to install Big Data devices into their cars, they are making huge strides towards the IoT. The more advanced cars are, the easier it will be to enhance them with receptors that can tell the car what to do and how to do it. With this sort of participation from some of the leaders in automotive technology, it won’t be long before we see the first “connected car”.

Can Big Data Help The Marijuana Industry Get The Biggest Bang For Their Blunt?

Can Big Data Help The Marijuana Industry Get The Biggest Bang For Their Blunt?

Even though marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states and a booming industry, people still tend to see dispensaries as “drug dealers.” What people don’t see is that now that marijuana has been legalized, the business is no long a shady transaction in a park, but rather a fully functioning production like any other business. Dispensaries now need to consider things like ROI’s, Customer Retention, and Efficient Production.

The more we learn about something, the better we can understand it. Don’t form your opinions about the marijuana industry without first understanding it. Listen to this informative podcast straight from the leaders in the marijuana industry, you may just learn something about marijuana that you never knew before!

Marijuana And Big Data – How Do Cannabis Consumers Trend?

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