The connected car is a symbol of the future, a car that can drive itself, speak to its driver or even prevent accidents. This is what we picture when we look towards cars of the next generation. This process has been in motion for many years including GM’s OnStar devices in their models that can call for help when a vehicle has been in an accident. Even though this technology has been around for over twenty years there is suddenly a push for a more sophisticated vehicle.

Ever since the emergence of the Internet of Things, machines we use on a daily basis are getting a face lift. Ever major technology company is racing to produce devices that will be used in what is called the “connected home”. The idea is that the technology we use will  be able to communicate to one another, making our lives easier. Cars are a big part of this vision because the majority of the population uses them everyday. With the IoT vision, we will one day have cars that will be automatically started and warmed to our preferred temperature and will chauffeur us to our destination. 

Toyota has announced that they are beginning to equip their vehicles with Data Communication Modules that will allow the car to send and receive data with the Toyota Big Data Center. With this technology, cars will be able to automatically send a distress call to emergency respondents with the vehicle’s location as soon as the airbag is deployed. This will allow victims of an accident to receive medical attention more quickly and hopefully prevent unknown accidents that often leave people stranded.

As Toyota and Ford begin to install Big Data devices into their cars, they are making huge strides towards the IoT. The more advanced cars are, the easier it will be to enhance them with receptors that can tell the car what to do and how to do it. With this sort of participation from some of the leaders in automotive technology, it won’t be long before we see the first “connected car”.

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