Big Data Revamping Recruiting

Big Data Revamping Recruiting

It seems that with the rise of the Big Data Revolution, data creation and data analysis is being utilized in almost every facet of our lives, our devices and our businesses.

Where is it likely to pop up next? The author of this article, Aleah Radovich predicts that it will soon be saving recruiters more than just time! Big Data can be utilized to find “…a match made in heaven.” Companies can identify the perfect candidates, and even candidates that may be more likely to accept an offer.

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‘”People that watched ‘Skyfall’ were also interested in ‘The Bourne Identity.'”

We receive suggestions on what movies to watch, what we might like to listen to next and what we would like to buy. Five years ago, it was Amazon alone that used the recommendation system. Today, every company who is a somebody is using it.

So, what Amazon and Netflix do today, we may very well see human resources departments in every company doing tomorrow. The process has always relied upon referrals and recommendations, but now these recommendations are likely to come from our computer screens. We may statements like: Companies interested in Person X were also interested in Person Y.”

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Big Data Making Life Easier

Big Data Making Life Easier

Even though certain tough situations play a big role in making us stronger individuals, people generally want things to be easy. Simple is good. That is why we are always trying to come up with new processes and devices to make everything we do easier. Big Data is a great way to make things less complicated and frustrating.

It can become  very difficult for companies to try to get inside the heads of their customers. Without any feedback companies have no clue what the public thinks about their service or product. The only telling sign is how many sales or deals are being made, but this is not a very reliable form of evaluation. There are many other key factors that can play in the decrease of business. It may be a marketing deficiency or maybe even location. There could be a horrible review out there that you don’t know about or your customer service is bad. Big Data can seek out these issues and determine which one is the root cause for the lack of success.

With Big Data analytics and a savvy tech team, businesses no longer have to waste their time making and sending out surveys that people will more than likely use to make a cozy fire. Big Data analytics can quickly survey large sums of information and piece together the important connections that lead to hidden insights about what it takes to ensure customer retention. The best part about it is that Big Data is customize-able and can be used in almost any business setting.

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Can Companies Succeed In The Future Without Big Data?

Can Companies Succeed In The Future Without Big Data?

Some companies still believe Big Data to be a Big hype, but Big Data has proven itself an extremely valuable tool in even the most diverse industries. With how much data is produced on a daily basis, Big Data can be utilized in almost every realm. Because of its versatility Big Data should be used in some degree in every business. Why you ask? Big Data takes complicated information and simplifies it. This not only saves employees valuable time and decreases stress, but it also makes the company more money by allowing the employees to produce more efficiently. If this sounds like something you could benefit from check out this video! You have to start somewhere and it might as well be informing yourself with this delightful video on how to get Big Data in your company and get on the road to success!

Does Your Business Need A Change?

Does Your Business Need A Change?

Does change scare you a little? That’s okay, it can be frightening to everyone, but it can also be the best thing you ever do. Change is the only way to move from your current state into something better! You never know where life will take you until you make the effort to change. Check out this insightful new book on the positive effects of change and how change could lead you to be the next success. Be the first of your company to break out and change!

The most successful companies and people out there are not the stubborn ones who stick to their set ways, it is the people and businesses that know how to adapt to change. Welcoming change is the best way to spin whatever comes at you in your favor, but if you resist change it will swallow you whole. This book by Richard Batenburg Jr., a man with over 25 years of experience and success in being an entrepreneur and business owner, is written with the wisdom of someone who has seen it all. Batenburg has years of experience consulting other CEO’s on how to reevaluate their company and run a more efficient operation.

If you fell that your professional life is getting stale, this book is a must read! The experience and advice within this book is just what you need to take a fresh look at your organization and begin to see how you can change your business and yourself for the better! Simply click on the link below, enter your email address and this Ebook will be sent to you FREE! No strings attached, you can really gain valuable insights on how to be the first to change your organization free of charge!

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Saving Customers With Intention To Retention

Saving Customers With Intention To Retention

A business’s intention is to sell their products or services to a customer. After the sale has been made, it is important for that business to focus on retention, which is the active pursuing of keeping customers engaged in the business instead of looking elsewhere. Customer retention is the key to a successful business, but can be very tricky to obtain.

How do you know why customers sought out your competitor instead of you?

Is there something hiding in the many different avenues of your company that may be turning customers away without you even knowing it? 

Where would you go to find this information and ensure your company is operating at its best? 

Listen to this short video that clearly explains how customer satisfaction can be corrupted and lead to a loss in retention. Even if your customer has the best intentions, this video will unveil the many different ways customer retention can be corrupted.

What do you think? Does this video remind you of a time you worked with a company that did not meet your standards of service? Maybe your own business is struggling with keeping customers for more than one service, do you think Cliintel would improve your customer satisfaction?

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Is Cognitive Computing Becoming The New Big Data?

Is Cognitive Computing Becoming The New Big Data?

Big Data is slowly moving away from simply being a buzz word to a respected tool used in the majority of industries these days. Now that Big Data is becoming more easily manageable and a well known tool, new systems are being developed from it. Cognitive Computing is on the rise and is said by some to be the new buzz word of 2016.

Cognitive computing is a new system that mimics the way the human brain processes information. By teaching computers to “think” in a more independent manner as opposed to being told what to do can lead to unlimited possibilities. The more human like computers become, the less busy work humans must do.

Some people think that computers are better than humans because they are objective, but every technology out there originated in someone’s brain. It is important to remember how capable the human brain can be and to emulate that is the goal of cognitive computing.

Cognitive computing uses Big Data Mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing to process information and create an appropriate response. If we can teach computers to think like humans we can use them to do the dirty work that tends to be highly time consuming and free up the experts to do more important work.

Through the combination of Machine learning, big data and cognitive computing there is a very real future of companies becoming significantly more efficient and saving a lot of money. This lucrative field is on the rise and is something everyone should expect to see a lot more of in this new exciting year!

To learn more about how cognitive computing mirrors the processes of the human brain check out this interesting article!

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