It seems that with the rise of the Big Data Revolution, data creation and data analysis is being utilized in almost every facet of our lives, our devices and our businesses.

Where is it likely to pop up next? The author of this article, Aleah Radovich predicts that it will soon be saving recruiters more than just time! Big Data can be utilized to find “…a match made in heaven.” Companies can identify the perfect candidates, and even candidates that may be more likely to accept an offer.

Here is the intro of the article. You can also Read the Full Article Here.

‘”People that watched ‘Skyfall’ were also interested in ‘The Bourne Identity.'”

We receive suggestions on what movies to watch, what we might like to listen to next and what we would like to buy. Five years ago, it was Amazon alone that used the recommendation system. Today, every company who is a somebody is using it.

So, what Amazon and Netflix do today, we may very well see human resources departments in every company doing tomorrow. The process has always relied upon referrals and recommendations, but now these recommendations are likely to come from our computer screens. We may statements like: Companies interested in Person X were also interested in Person Y.”

Read Full Article Here.

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