Have you ever tried to put together a puzzle, but you cannot figure out how the 500 tiny pieces fit together?


Have you ever had an issue with your car, but cannot seem to figure out what the problem is?


These two problems both stem from the inability to see an underlying issue. It almost always takes someone else pointing out the problem for you to fix the issue. You cannot fix what you can’t see.

In the business world this happens all the time, a company is struggling and doesn’t understand why their revenue is decreasing. They grasp at ideas, maybe our product isn’t good enough, are our employees working their hardest, are we not making enough sales? Ultimately the company either reaches out for help or is drowned by their unknown problem.

Businesses like Cliintel are the detective that find a company’s hidden issues. It would be extremely difficult for the most self aware person to see everything others notice about them, which means it would be impossible for an entire organization to make the same feat. Cliintel’s slogan is ” Insights that add up to results”, can’t be much more clear than that, right?

Well Just in case, let’s dive into that. When a companies issues are brought to the surface they can begin to work on solving them. It is a lot like therapy for organizations. Step 1. Admit you have a problem. Once step one has been accomplished and the cause of the problem is diagnosed, it helps to have someone guide you though the healing process.

Cliintel works alongside companies to form better procedures to ensure the company can operate with the utmost efficiency. This small business  consulting company specializes in analyzing Big Data. They are experts at taking a companies pile of data and turning it into information that is easily understood and  ready to be used in real time decision making.

Cliintel is the friend who steps in and shows you that the reason your puzzle is not fitting together is because your 2 year old mixed the pieces with another puzzle. Cliintel is the mechanic that tell you that what you though was a dead battery in your car is really a faulty alternator.

If your business is slipping below its potential, get the help you need. Take a look at Cliintel and see what insights they can bring you! 

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