Have you been noticing how the internet seems to know you? It is almost like you two are friends, knowing each others likes and dislikes. I guess it is kind of a one sided relationship, as the internet probably knows much more about you than you know about it. But that is a much more creepy analogy so let’s stick with the friends ¬†one.

Friends help each other out and always suggest products or places to each other, sharing information that would benefit one another. This is sort of what happens with the internet. The internet keeps track of what you buy or look at so it knows what products or interests to advertise to you.

Personally I find this saves me a lot of time. I have recently been planning a wedding and Amazon became my best friend. We would get together everyday. Amazon would listen to what I wanted to buy and then recommend other products I was completely forgetting about that went perfectly with the theme of my wedding. Amazon made it very quick and easy recommending the best products and even remembering my information so I didn’t have to find my credit card number for every purchase!

The reason Amazon is such a good friend is because of Big Data, they collect my data like a dear friend listening to my needs and save it to better know me. I hate to say this but I’m not Amazon’s only friend, they have a lot of friends they do the exact same thing with! Thanks to Big Data, my relationship with Amazon has been an effortless joy.

Big Data

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