What is all the “Big Data Buzz” about? If collected, consolidated, managed and analyzed correctly, it gives us a unique ability to better understand the entire world around us. It helps us better understand the past, monitor the present and predict the future.

Here are the basics to understanding big data and how you can utilize its power to understand your business better, your health better, and even your personal life better.

3 Types of Data: Unstructured, Structured & Semi-Structured

Unstructured data we have previously explained in our blog. It is essentially data that does not reside in a fixed location, such as free-form text. An example of unstructured data is data from social media.

Structured data, in contrast, resides in fixed fields within a record or file. An example is an excel file.

Semi-structured data is data that is a combination of, or in between the two. This is where a structure, or “tags” are associated with or embedded into unstructured data.

Tools For Data Analytics

Hadoop is often used for job/task tracking for batch analytics processing.

ElasticSearch is an enterprise grade search.

Infinite is an analytic development environment platform to manage real-time analytic and search framework with customized visualization.

What Analytics Help Accomplish

Using the tools alone won’t get you too far. They typically are not an end-to-end solution, and require additional skills to utilize them. Teams of data scientists are able to use tools to create a customizable solution and approach to solving business problems.

They can take data from many different sources, to give you a full and complete picture of your business.

Ultimately, analysis generally improve and automate processes to greatly reduce the workload for your entire workforce.


Big Data

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