Ever wonder how much Americans actually end up spending on Halloween?

Are you sure you want to know?

It is pretty terrifying…

$7.4 Billion

(Dun Dun Duuuuuh!)

How do you know that? You may ask, well this is where Big Data comes in. The National Retail Federation conducts a survey each year to learn about consumer habits surrounds Halloween. This survey provides the NRF with the data they need to determine spending patterns.

This sort of collected data is what informs stores on which brands of candy to stock up on and how much they should expect to make. Many stores rely on the holiday season to make the majority of their yearly revenue, which is why it is important to study the habits of consumers. Stores want to make as many sales as possible which is why it is crucial for stores to know what their customers want in regards to candy, costumes and decorations.

To understand just how much money these stores are making, lets talk more horrifying data about American spending.

Each Halloween Americans spend,

  • $2.8 Billion on costumes. More money is spent on adult costumes than for kids!
  • $350 Million on pet costumes…. yes costumes for your furry friend.
  • $2 Billion on decorations…. I hope people are reusing them the next year!
  • $2.2 Billion on candy. Dentists will be getting a flood of new clients soon!

Although these numbers are astounding, Halloween is an American tradition that 68.5% of our nation celebrates. It is a spooky time of year where people get to be someone or something other than themselves. Kids learn how to share precious possessions such as candy and adults get to excite in some scares.

See how else Big Data is helping the retail industry learn about consumers and better service their needs. 

Big Data

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