With all of the holiday parties bursting to life this time of your, I thought it would be appropriate to put Big Data in terms that can be related to every day life.

Imagine you are new to a company, competing with the other intern they hired the same time as you for the next opportunity to move up in the company. You attend the company holiday party, dressed to the nines to make the right impression. You are charming and interesting, but you cannot seem to remember half the names of the executives you are chatting up. Your boss asks you about the latest developments in the major project the company is working on and you can’t give him an up to date answer.

Meanwhile, the other intern is connecting with all of the execs because he knows what to talk about and with who to talk. He has done his research and not only knows the names of all of the people he is talking to, but their spouses as well. You over hear him talking about the latest predictions about the company’s big project based on the analytics he has been running, and you think to yourself, “That’s it, I’m done for”. 

This is what it feels like between companies who use Big Data and those who don’t. Obviously the intern using Big Data is going to be the top candidate for the open position in the company all because he relied on the objective data to give him accurate information. Companies can put on a pretty face, charm you and try to pretend that they know what they are talking about, but ultimately that will all come back to haunt them. Big Data is information and information is your biggest asset. Having the more current, accurate information is what is going to make companies money and ensure success, not a sharp looking suit.

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