Any time a new model of technology comes out there is a huge hype about its potential and the infinite possibilities it possesses. New is exciting, it is unknown and holds hope for our wild dreams. The heartbreaking part is when these new technologies don’t live up to our impossible expectations. Many are skeptical of the hype surrounding Big Data and it’s potential, calling the excitement a “Data Fetish”.

Big Data seemed to come out of no where and hit the ground running with promises to solve every problem and make everything easier. This is difficult because to an extent Big Data has already proven to provide insights and results that allow companies to operate more efficiently. We must be realistic though, to think that Big Data is going to swoop in and cure cancer is a bit of a stretch. So how do we remain level headed yet allow ourselves to take risks with Big Data to hopefully achieve our goals?

We must think of Big Data for what it is- a tool. It is not some super hero, it is simply a device we can use with along side human critical thinking to produce better results. Big Data is access to information, it is merely a library that continues to organize the material in ways that allow us to see patterns. Once these connections are made, it is still up to the intelligent men and women around the world to take that information and apply it is a way that will produce results.

Those who have already fallen prey to the Data Fetish can protect their investment by remembering that Big Data is merely a tool. Companies must not constantly rely on the next Big Data program to deliver them to success. Companies must invest in their employees to work with Big Data to produce a desired effect.

Protect your money and don’t fall in love with Big Data. Use Big Data to aid you in your cause, but don’t allow it to break your heart and your bank if it comes up short.


Big Data

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