If someone handed you a shovel and asked you to dig a hole, who would get credit for the hole? Did the shovel create the hole? No, you did, the shovel was a tool that allowed you to dig the hole more efficiently.

This is what Big Data is to businesses.

Many people believe that big data is the key to making money, and it is….just not necessarily in the way you may think. Instead of starting up your own Big Data company to make the big bucks, try using Big data instead. Companies who use Big Data to make more informed decisions are the ones who succeed, companies who produce Big Data software are the ones who get passed up by the newest model.

Don’t be a tool, be the person who uses the tool. 

Back to the shovel analogy, your job is to dig a hole and though the shovel seems like your best friend in that moment, what if someone handed you an excavator? Now you can dig holes three times the size, all while sitting down! Even though the shovel seemed better than digging with your hands, the excavator now does the work for you. Businesses are the brains and Big Data is the tool, as long as the brains know what they are doing, the tool aids them wonderfully.

This is where the trouble comes in, even if you have a fancy complex program that does all the work, it still isn’t saving the business money if they don’t know how to run it. Many Big Data applications have made their money by providing a product that then requires a hired team of experts to manage it.

The way to make money in Big Data is to produce an application that is simple enough for the average business’s IT team to handle. The way to save money is to implement these applications into your business to gain much needed insight that allows the company to be more efficient and make smarter decisions.

The successful businesses are the ones who have figured out how to use Big Data to set themselves apart, rather than let it steal the spotlight.

Let us know what you think, is Big Data just a tool or are Big Data companies worthy of a higher name?

Big Data

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