Big Data Making Life Easier

Big Data Making Life Easier

Even though certain tough situations play a big role in making us stronger individuals, people generally want things to be easy. Simple is good. That is why we are always trying to come up with new processes and devices to make everything we do easier. Big Data is a great way to make things less complicated and frustrating.

It can become  very difficult for companies to try to get inside the heads of their customers. Without any feedback companies have no clue what the public thinks about their service or product. The only telling sign is how many sales or deals are being made, but this is not a very reliable form of evaluation. There are many other key factors that can play in the decrease of business. It may be a marketing deficiency or maybe even location. There could be a horrible review out there that you don’t know about or your customer service is bad. Big Data can seek out these issues and determine which one is the root cause for the lack of success.

With Big Data analytics and a savvy tech team, businesses no longer have to waste their time making and sending out surveys that people will more than likely use to make a cozy fire. Big Data analytics can quickly survey large sums of information and piece together the important connections that lead to hidden insights about what it takes to ensure customer retention. The best part about it is that Big Data is customize-able and can be used in almost any business setting.

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You Don’t Need To Be A Big Company To Utilize Big Data

You Don’t Need To Be A Big Company To Utilize Big Data

There are many small businesses out there who may feel that they are being left in the dust by all of these huge corporations using Big Data to get the upper hand. This does not need to be the case. Small companies can use Big Data even if they themselves are not generating it. There is so much data produced by consumers every day that is just sitting there waiting for the taking. Where would you find these reservoirs of data sets?

There is a huge pool of them out there, but here are just a few of the resources that could be tapped into to receive valuable data to benefit your business.

Google Finance offers a wide range of financial data on the stock market 

 BROAD Institute offers data sets relating to cancer

 Amazon Web Services allows access to a variety of different data 

Topsy is a great resource for social media data 

To see a more comprehensive list of the data sets available to the public click here.

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What Do Lawyers Have To Say About Big Data Privacy?

What Do Lawyers Have To Say About Big Data Privacy?

Ever wonder where the public’s privacy goes when it comes to Big Data? Does it just get thrown out the window to benefit big corporations? Today it seems like the internet knows so much about us it is almost like they are watching us. That is because they essentially are. Big Data tracks our every move online and sends back reports on our behaviors to companies so that they can better advertise to us.

So how does this come into play with social media? Facebook being a big one, it would be interesting to see how Big Data fits in with one of the biggest social media sites we have ever known.

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Marc Schtul On Big Data, Privacy And Facebook! 

How Does Big Data Relate To The Super Bowl?

How Does Big Data Relate To The Super Bowl?

They finally did it ladies and gentlemen, the Broncos have won the super bowl! If we look deeper into the Broncos and the super bowl we can see that Big Data is all around. One of the less obvious ways Big Data is utilized in football is viewing footage.The best teams are the ones who study themselves and their opponents. There is lots of Big Data that goes into relaying footage to a tablet to be viewed by the played on the sidelines.

Speaking of Big Data promoting the ability to view a play, that is how us fans at home watch each game! All of the lines we see on the field and the replays that show different play patterns are all produced through the quick analysis of big data from multiple different cameras and angles. At one point in yesterday’s game there was a 360 shot of a paused play to show a birds eye view of every player in that formation.

Besides all of the technical stuff, the super bowl is practically an American holiday which means there are excess amounts of food, liquor and memorabilia. Social media is the platform for people to display their likes and dislikes about everything from the bar they are in to the amazing wings they ordered for their super bowl party. From the data produced through social media, companies can get a quick look at what their consumers think about their products.

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Where Is Big Data In Every Day Life?

Where Is Big Data In Every Day Life?

We all hear about Big Data and how it is changing industries and allowing companies like Target to stalk their customers, but do we interact with Big Data in our everyday routines?

Here are two examples of how we are interacting and creating Big Data every day!

Every time you go to your local coffee shop and order your special little cup of delight, you are creating data. The reason we call it data is because you are giving the company information about its customers. Check out this podcast and learn how you are helping coffee companies become more efficient through Big Data just by buying your daily cup of Joe.

Big Data And Coffee – Can We Use Coffee Shops To Understand Big Data Uses?

Another example of our frequent run ins with Big Data is buying liquor. We all love it and drink it, but how do distributors know what kinds of people like certain types of liquor? Big Data shows liquor companies and distributors how to best sell their product and who their most profitable demographic is. Learn more about how Big Data is revolutionizing liquor distribution through this podcast!

Big Data And Liquor – Can Data Analytics Help A Liquor Distributor Or Maker?

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