Trump’s Accusations Do Little To Save Face

Trump’s Accusations Do Little To Save Face

As presidential candidate, Donald Trump continues to throw out bold statements about controversial topics one must wonder, is he right?

How can I trust him?

Where is he getting this information?

The fact is Trump’s facts are false.

If you look into his statements about immigration and the number of incarcerated illegal immigrants you will find that Trump’s numbers seem to be made up. Trump has quoted recent Homeland Security Reports on the number of immigrants taking up space in our jails…. Homeland Security does not produce reports on these statistics.

Although Donald Trump is excellent in publicizing himself, this is a prime example of how not to use Big Data. Make sure your data is correct before you use it for personal gain. Don’t embarrass yourself like Trump, learn how to understand your data.

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How To Capitalize On The Rise Of 3D Printing

How To Capitalize On The Rise Of 3D Printing

The industry of 3D Printing is on the rise and is only going to continue to thrive as businesses discover their need for it. Like Big Data, 3D printing will be one of those things that can infiltrate and enhance any industry. From shoe inserts to breathable, water proof casts, 3D printing has infinite possibilities. But what will we do with all of the Data produced by 3D printing? Could Big Data be your “in” with the 3D printing business? Listen to this Podcast to find out!

3D Printing and Big Data!

Saving Money With More User Friendly Technology

Saving Money With More User Friendly Technology

The key to saving money is to not spend it on the unnecessary. Well how do you decide what is necessary and not? This is sometimes a tricky tango that involves taking risks and investing in the resources you have.

Save money with more user friendly technology!

This means, don’t buy programs for your company that are so complex they require you to hire an entire IT team just to manage them. People love simple. Why is that? Because it is efficient, it allows us to spend more time on the important things rather than wrestling with the difficult.

One company that has grasped this concept is Salesforce. Some of you out there might be thinking whoa whoa wait a second, Salesforce, simple? Salesforce has just announced their launch of IoT Cloud which is a tool that workers can use to program unique actions based on Big Data. This tool takes Data from websites, social media, and internet devices and puts in in the hands of its user.

Not only does this tool make it much easier for a sales team to gain access to information, but it is also simple enough for a non “techy” person to use daily. The great part about this program is that any business that uses Salesforce can  get an upgraded version without having to worry about if it is too complicated for their sales staff to use.

The best way to save money in a business is to invest in the people you already have, give them the tools needed to be successful and make things simple. Instead of spending money on an IT team, it is more beneficial to purchase an easy to use program and train your current staff to manage it.

To find out just how simple Big Data can make your life, CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO!

Make Money Using Big Data In Your Fantasy League

Make Money Using Big Data In Your Fantasy League

It is that time of year, Football Season! As fans gear up for a spirited Fall filled with beer, food and trash talking, others are focused on their fantasy leagues. Fantasy football has become a huge part of the football industry and continues to grow in popularity each season.

Many may wonder if there is strategy to fantasy football and if so, what is it? This really depends, some people draft based off of player stats from the previous year, professional predictions, or who is on their favored team. It is important to draft and play with a strategy in mind as most of these leagues can have a big payout.

As technology continues to advance, many sports fans are turning to draft optimizers to help them choose the best players. What are these optimizers and how do they help? These sites are homes for football Big Data, mass amounts of data about season player stats, professional predictions, injury reports, and preseason stats are all collected and analyzed to pump out predictions for a player’s success.

As discussed many time before Big Data = Information! The more informed you are about a certain player allows you to make smarter draft picks and set up a kick ass line up each week. Big Data helps people avoid drafting a star player who just suffered a season ending ACL tear earlier that week.

Big Data used in fantasy football leads to big payouts. So what are you going to do, pick all Broncos players because they are your favorite team or use the information at hand to form an unstoppable line up?

Find out more on how Big Data is changing our everyday decisions in this short article! 

Saving Money Is Easy With Big Data Tips 1-2-3!

Saving Money Is Easy With Big Data Tips 1-2-3!

The scariest thing about change is that many people don’t know they need it. The only way to better yourself or your business is to change! What does change have to do with saving money? If you are asking that question you probably need some sort of change. The questions you should be asking are,

  • How can I change my company?
  • Who can help me see the changes I need to make?
  • Where should I start?

The answer is simple! Cliintel is a business consulting company that works with larger corporations to explain their data and make their production more efficient. In their new booklet, Big Data Tips 1-2-3, Cliintel explains how business optimization through utilizing data can not only save you money, but make a lot of it. Learn how to take your company to the next level by ensuring returning customers and a quality product.

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